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Pile-up / New DXCC #113 / 247DX

Tonight I put my new antenna tower to the test and started a CQ on 14.247 around 16.00 GMT and got a big pile up in return. Worked  over 50 stations, including Jean FR5CB from Reunion Island, adding another new DXCC country to my list! I also had some very nice QSO’s with stations from Bahrain, South Africa, European Russia, Qatar, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Finland, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Austria and Israel. Most of them gave me a 9+ report and many compliments about my audio.  After a one hour break I tuned across 20 meters and worked several nice DX stations including YB1KI from Indonesia.  Then I joined the 247 DX net.  Tonight the net was  managed by YL Lorraine AA0BS and Joe KB3NXT and worked some American stations. A 5/9 from Tony VK2RI in Australia  (16.738 kilometers) ended the DX evening. Thanks, new tower, and thanks to the several stations adding me to the cluster(s).

DXCC #110: China / DXCC #111: Mongolia

10 meters propagation was exceptional this morning (despite solar/terrestrial data predictions being “poor”) so I put my 7600 to the test, punching through a couple of pile-ups with relative ease. I used my converted HyGain P-500 vertical (1980 new old stock, € 50 on a ham fair) the entire morning and worked with Changchun PG9HKP from China, Perenley JT1PB from Mongolia as well as Fuji JA8DCR from Japan, the latter responding to my own CQ DX call. I heard several European stations echoing over both short and long path , thanks Ionosphere.