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New DXCC #120 – Dominican Republic

Quite a lovely day yesterday with lots of sunshine. When I walked out of my home in the afternoon I was approached by 2 guys that were looking at my antenna tower. “Amateur radio, sir?”. He showed me the callsign badge on his shirt. I intruced myself and the French hams insisted to make a picture of us together with the hexbeam tower in the background. True ham spirit! Unfortunately I forgot to write down their callsigns. When I walked back they were already gone. Hopefully they will send me a copy of the picture. After midnight I made a some contacts on 20 meters. Propagation to the Carribean was excellent and my QSO with Edwin HI3K from the Dominican Republic added another worked country to my list!

New DXCC #119 – Colombia

It has been quite a busy week so few hamradio activities lately.  Last night around midnight I worked several stations in the USA and also scored a new DXCC by QSO with Joaquin HK4NDF from Envigado, Colombia. Thanks for the 5/9 Joaquin. All the operators I worked with last night were using a hexbeam antenna btw! Excellent.