54th Ham Radio Convention

I will be attending the annual (54th) Ham Radio Convention in Apeldoorn, Netherlands on Saturday November 1. You can find me in or near the stand of Whisky Oscar, where I will be assisting my fellow club members. The convention consists of a Ham radio flea market, various lectures and an exhibition of all kinds of Ham gear. I better leave my credit card at home.

TS-870S Vox and Contesting

While doing some WW CQ contesting today -without a log buddy- I decided to give my transceiver’s “Vox” function a try for the first time, to get my hands free for the logging thing. At first, I was suprised about the audio delay on my headphones. But this is actually a clever feature of this old Kenwood that will avoid first syllables being discarded from transmission. After some fiddling with the “delay”control I found vox to be working really well in contesting circumstances, despite the weird delay in my headphones.. The 870 has turned out to be a fantastic  transceiver to work with since being licensed last March. It’s a joy to operate and it looks like new despite it’s age. Works really well with Ham Radio Deluxe and always compliments about the audio. It lacks 6 meters but I’m not supposed to be there anyway with my present band plan. Until my license is upgraded, I will hold on to this radio until it breaks. And then fix it!