Finally, some new contacts in the log

Quite a busy year in every respect and little time to spend in my shack. I was the main operator at various several special events from the club station this year but not much to add to my own log. Conditions are down, nearing the bottom of the 11 year solar cycle but today I decided to run a CQ on 20m and made about a dozen nice contacts, PJ4/NT5V on Bonaire Island being the best DX for the day.  Let’s see what tomorrow will bring.

Back on the Air!

My hexbeam suffered some serious damage from the storms early this year and had to take it down for a complete rebuild. Thanks to the service and fine materials of Ant MW0JZE the antenna is back on the tower as of today. I haven’t done any HF since the end of January besides operating the clubstation PI4ZHE so I’m glad to be back in business. The bands seem to be next to  “closed” today but scored a 5/9 QSO with Special event station RM55GC and closed the log after a nice 5/9+10 chat with Scotsman Paul EA5IKJ operating from Spain.

Happy New Year & Best DX Wishes!

Happy New Year Everyone! Made quite a few nice contacts on this first day of the year. CQ on 14.240.5 was answered by various stations from Finland, Greece, Spain, Russia, Israel, Ukraine, Croatia, Poland, Romania & Hungary. Conditions were reasonable for short skip QSO’s.

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